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August 28, 2011

10 signs you had a great weekend

This past weekend Joel and I took a trip up to Minneapolis without Tessa for his birthday. I bought tickets to preseason Vikings/Cowboys game, did a little shopping, and had some R&R. So, in honor of the weekend, 10 things that guaranteed a fabulous trip, in no particular order.

  1.  Hitting up the casino at 8:30am. Only a few crazy old lurker ladies and far less smoke.
  2. Joel trying to get into the football game, gets patted down, random security dude, "Is that a cellphone on your hip, sir?" Joel: "Uh... yeah it sure is." Joel to me: "I told him what he wanted to hear."
  3. Joel getting loud during the football game, yells at the top of his lungs after Romo makes a nice pass, "That a way to get it in the hole". Me: "That's what she said." Random old lady behind us: giggles, tells her friend, more giggles.
  4. Drunk Vikings fan talking smack to me until I shut him up by knowing more about football than him.
  5. Same drunk Vikings fan telling me I was cool because I don't like Green Bay and do like the Hawkeyes.
  6. 2 Trips to IKEA.
  7. Getting lost in downtown Minneapolis, Joel telling me to trust him and said he knew where he was going, Joel getting lost, Andrea getting the inevitable motion sickness.
  8. IKEA breakfast causing the trots, but since it was 99 cents, we'll call it a wash. It was tasty.
  9. Almost crashing a wedding reception at our hotel. 
  10. 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, laying in bed drinking coffee, a couple cocktails with your husband, the feeling of being carefree for 36 hours, all priceless. 
We were very happy to see Tessa this afternoon though. She was equally as happy. 

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