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August 13, 2011

Back and Forth, forth and back

When we first moved to WC, it was decided that we'd rent for a couple months, buy a house, and move at the end of the 4 year contract Joel signed. 1.9 years later, we're in the same townhouse we moved into on October 31, 2009. The walls are closing in, there's not enough space for our stuff. And frankly, I'm not getting rid of my stuff to accommodate this space.

So, the time has come. We either move to somewhere else in WC and probably buy a house (my choice) or try to find Joel a job in the Des Moines area and move there (Joel's choice, unless he actually has to apply or try for a job. He fully expects some department to call him and just want him to come work for them.) I like being here, I like the people, we've made some friends, I have a good job that I like pays the bills and Joel is doing well at the PD. Plus, we're technically still under contract for another 2 years. If we did leave, he'd have to pay back that contract or try to convince the next place to pay it for us. I'm happy here.

Sure, it'd be nice to get closer to where the rest of our family is, but truth be told, I like it here. I like having a little separation but still being close enough to drive down for a few hours. We're 74 miles from my house and 71 miles from Joel's. We're already there almost every other week, I can only imagine how often we'd be at someone else's house if we lived there. I like that I can have a messy house and get a couple days' notice before someone comes to visit and I need to clean. Not that I like having a messy house, but you know what I mean.

I just don't know. What should we do? Joel says he'd be happy here longer than the next 2 years that his contract requires, but in the next breath he says he wouldn't mind moving closer to home. Ugh. His indecisiveness drives me batty. I jump in head first to things. He slowly dips his toes in the water, waits a month, then sticks an ankle in, thinks about it for another 6 weeks, gets up to his knee, and so on. I dive in and hope for the best.

Who knows what we'll decide. Any advice?

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