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July 6, 2010

Week 24

Week 24 has arrived! I really feel like I have popped recently, and feel much bigger. We had our 24 week doctor's appointment, which went just fine as usual! The doctor said everything is looking great, and wished he had 50 just like me every day because his job would be easy! If he only knew the real me. The only real problem I've had during the pregnancy has been the terrible heartburn. If there is any truth to the old wive's tale about hair and heartburn, our babe will have a lot of it.  Baby's heartbeat was beating away at 144. She is now the size of an ear of corn, and weighs over a pound! I can feel her going crazy sometimes, kicking at me, and rolling around in there. She definitely loves her sugar, because I have had a terrible sweet tooth in the last few weeks. We've hit the viability date at 24 weeks, which is the point at which the baby could survive outside the womb, but obviously we want her to stay in and develop fully. Babies born this early tend to have many health problems, but it is a small relief to know that if something should happen, there would be an opportunity for her to survive.
Since we decided not to purchase a house right now, we are still in the process of getting our rental just the way we like it. We can't paint the walls, but we have come up with some great ideas to decorate the nursery and add color without painting. We are going to do polka dots in her room with lime green, pink, sky blue, and lavender. We have started buying the supplies for this project, and so far, even Joel seems excited for it. We have all the furniture in there, but it's not built yet. We hope to head up to Ikea sometime this month to buy the rest of the stuff we need for our house mini remodel then, so we can have everything done before October, just in case. 


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