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July 1, 2010

Week 23

We are now in week 23! None of my regular clothes fit, and I have a limited amount of maternity clothes. I hate the idea of buying clothes, knowing I will only be wearing them for the next four months, but I have decided that it is better to spend some money on maternity clothes than having nothing to wear. So, I broke down and bought some stuff when Old Navy had their 30% off EVERYTHING sale. Sorry folks, the sale is over. But, it was great to get a couple pairs of pants, capris, and a few shirts. 

My appetite has been incredibly strong, but am still struggling to gain weight. As of my last appointment, I had only gained 2 pounds, and at that time, the baby weighed a pound. The doctor isn't worried yet, but I feel helpless since I am eating constantly and just not putting on the extra pounds that I expected to. I'm sure it will be coming in the next few weeks. I've also had terrible heartburn almost every night, which has been more of a nuisance than anything, but I figure if the old wives tale is true, that baby will have a full head of hair! 

Joel has switched to nights, so that has been an adjustment since we don't get as much time together, but we've been able to start getting our house ready for the baby (except the nursery!) He usually sleeps until noon or after, then we get an hour or two to hang out/work on the house/run errands before I head off to work. 

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