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March 23, 2012


Yesterday we embarked on a journey. A journey that took us 756 miles, across 3 states, 2 airports, and one car ride. We ended up at the front door of my brother! We flew from Des Moines to Denver, the first time we made this trip out of Des Moines rather than Omaha, and the first time with Miss Tessa.

She did very well...once we actually started moving in the airplane. She ran around in the airport, laughed at the TSA agents, and made some new friends waiting to board. She tried to climb over the seats and got angry when we strapped her into the seatbelt. Once we got moving though, she was out. She started to wake up as we touched down in Denver. Luke was waiting for us by baggage claim, and we were in the car in no time, heading to Littleton. When we arrived, 2 little faces were waiting anxiously by the door, Jaxon and Noah, our nephews! So far, Tessa has had quite the fun with them, although she overwhelms the mellow Noah.

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