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February 22, 2010

Sheer Boredom!

So, Joel is officially halfway done with police academy!! Here is my handsome man

Only the good stuff is left he said! He still has to shoot, go through the defensive driving school stuff, and finish up all the laws. Apparently that's the fun stuff. In the mean time, I have been TRYING to keep myself busy with, well, watching reruns of 7th Heaven and working on various projects around the house. Since we are still in a rental, we can't paint walls or do anything too drastic, so my crazy projects are limited to home decor and refinishing stuff, like bookshelves and and random goodwill steals I come across. He is on week 7, and has 6 weeks left. Can't wait until he gets home. I am also actively job seeking in the area, since I DESPISE my current job! If anyone has any leads about jobs in Webster City, let me know!!

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