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February 9, 2010

Home Alone on my Birthday

So, yesterday was my 24th birthday. I spent it working at a job I despise, and then I came home and watched 7th Heaven Reruns. Guess that means I am getting old huh? Joel is gone until April 9th, which is very frustrating for me. It is pretty tough on me to come home to a completely vacant house every day. I have ZERO motivation to cook, clean, or do anything productive. So, usually I make something relatively easy for supper, or have a salad, then plop my tushy in front of the tube until I get bored (usually around 8pm). Then, I check every room in the house to make sure I haven't allowed any strangers to sneak in (perhaps borderline OCD, but it gives me the peace of mind to fall asleep).

About the time I get used to this schedule, Joel will be back and I will have to adjust again. Perhaps I am just a whiner, but I like to think it's valid! I know it is necessary for him to be in the police academy, but perhaps ILEA should invest in married housing?! Sounds like a plan to me!

On a good note, my mom and I are planning a trip to Denver to visit Luke, Jen, and of course the Jax-Man for the end of March. On a better note, we got plane tickets for $94.00!!! That means I get more money to spend, since Mr. D (this is what I frequently call Joel, just as an FYI) said I could spend up to $175.00 on a ticket! Yay me!!

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