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January 23, 2013

GiGi is 85

This past weekend we celebrated my wonderful Grandmother's 85th birthday. We went out for a nice dinner (without kids!), had some cake, ice cream, and wine, and played some card games to celebrate.

Some things I love about my Grandma Lil:

  • She is an old farm girl and is still very frugal.
  • Her freezer is full of yogurt containers, washed and refilled with single servings of leftovers.
  •  She always has cookies.
  • She's always up for a card game.
  • She remembers every birthday and anniversary,and always times it so it gets to you on your exact birthdate.
  • She is an incredibly good cook, but her recipes are difficult to repeat.
  • She'll drive an hour to watch a 20 minute program you are involved in.
  • You can't arrive or leave her place without at least 2 hugs and a kiss on the cheek.
  • She makes quilts for every child and grandchild.
  • She walks 3 miles a day and does these awesome 1980's workout videos.
  • She has my mom's high school senior picture hanging in her stairwell.
  • She drinks Old Milwaukee.
  • There's always room in her house and heart for one more.

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