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August 27, 2012

Sassy pants

I know I've mentioned little miss Attitude before, but as she gets closer to her 2nd birthday and her vocabulary is growing, she is becoming so independent and so particular. She loves to help get dressed in the morning, loves to help do her hair, and especially loves to help cook and clean.

We've started giving her a couple of choices and letting her make the actual decisions herself. A choice of what kind of fruit, what kind of pajamas, and what shirt she wears. She loves to pick out her clothes in the morning, that's her favorite.

On this day, she really wanted to wear her 'pamingo' dress. I didn't have the heart to tell her it was 65 degrees that day. Luckily we were hanging out indoors for most of the day, because she loved wearing it. Plus, it was cute that she knew the animal (flamingo) and wanted to wear it.

She is obsessed with animals.  She is not interested in letters or numbers (although she will repeat them and knows what comes next). We read her animal books over and over and over and over, etc. She likes to name the animal, make the sound they make, and give them huggies (hugs), even the books. We are starting a small stuffed animal zoo. So far it's a bee, a koala, 3 bears (pink, black, and brown), a giraffe, puppy named George, a kitty cat, and we just added a kangaroo and a joey. The picture below shows her excitement for her panda shirt.

This was also the day she got her big girl bed. That will be a separate post.

I even added a photo of me that doesn't include a triple chin. Most of them are awful these days as I am in my last few days as an uncomfortable pregnant lady.

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