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June 24, 2012


Tessa has discovered for her love for all things water. This includes washing her hands, bathtime, and especially swimming. Every time we get home and walk into the house, she runs for the back door and wants to go outside to go "women". She knows her little pool is out there and she would spend all day in the pool if we let her. These are from Memorial Day weekend but she swims at least 3-4 days a week. Luckily we were blessed with some hand-me-downs so she has 5 swimsuits.

 She spends her time  pouring some sugar on her dumping buckets of water on herself.

 Yeah, she's totally learning to pose. The attitude that comes out of a 2.5 ft tall toddler is astounding.

 The set up. All her sand toys end up in the pool.

Stopping for a drink break. Only this girl begs for milk on a 95 degree day after swimming hard.

The hard part is getting her out of the water. It usually ends in a meltdown, so we have to time her swimming schedule so we can have another fun activity to distract her. Or food. Enticing her inside with food usually works too.

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