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August 17, 2010

Week 30

We have 10 weeks left! October seems so far away, but saying ten weeks make it seem so short! I can't believe in 10 weeks (ok definitely by 11 weeks) we will meet our girl Tessa! I am still sleeping pretty well, although Benadryl is helping my cause!

I have been having some itching on my arms and legs in the last couple weeks so I asked the doctor what the deal was. He said I had excess bilirubin, which apparently is a side effect of pregnancy. When the body breaks it down it can cause itching, and since I had so much it was busy breaking down more than normal, which is why I was so itchy, especially in the places that are more sun exposed. He said it's just one of the fun things about pregnancy that affects some and not others. It's no big deal though, and he said Benadryl was my friend since it's one of the very few allergy medications that are safe during pregnancy. So, taking Benadryl has been great because it also helps me sleep at night, something I obviously need!

In other news, baby Tessa is almost three pounds and 16 inches long! She is definitely a growing girl and Joel and I have so much fun watching her move. She is head down now, and hopefully stays that way. We can see her stick her butt out by my belly button a couple times a day so we push her back in and she pushes it back out. It's so fun to watch! 

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