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April 17, 2010

Graduation and baby update

Joel's graduation ceremony from ILEA was last Friday, April 9. It was at Johnston Middle School, which was weird. I can't believe a school would allow that many armed officers in their school, during school hours, with students present. Oh well. It's not like anything happened. Most of Joel's family was able to come, including Dale and Alice back from Texas, Judy and Larry who actually took a 1/2 day off work which was monumental in itself, and Nanny and Poppa, Joel's great grandparents. Then of course, Steve and Laura, Brett, and my parents. It was great to have everyone there supporting him. I even got to go up and pin his badge on. We practiced the night before and I had it down, but I didn't take into account that there would be shadows, so it was much more difficult!

After graduation, we all went to Latin King for lunch. It was delicious, and luckily, Carlos Miguel was cooperating. Oops, I should take the time to tell you that we named the baby! Ok, just temporarily. We didn't like calling it "it" so we call him/her Carlos Miguel. The name will change once we figure it if it is a boy or girl. But until then, Carlos Miguel is our little peanut! Here are the boys being silly. Brett still thinks he can take Joel in a fight!

Now for the baby update! At this point, Carlos Miguel is a little bigger than a lime. He already has bowel movements, taste buds, and the teeth are growing! We had our 12 week appointment on Tuesday, and Joel finally got to meet the doctor. He kept referring to Carlos Miguel as 'baby Jim' (the doctor's first name) so we let him get away with that! We got to hear the heartbeat on the doppler, which was beating at a wonderful 161. We also got a few new photos of Carlos, although the quality isn't that great. My doctor has an old ultrasound machine in the office so he gave us a quick look since we hadn't been able to see the little guy since 8 weeks. He's got 2 arms, 2 legs, and everythink looked great!

The doctor did say he was being stubborn already. Everytime he tried to get a picture, little C.M would move around or turn his back to us so we didn't get great photos. Oh well. I should not be surprised that we already have a stubborn little baby in there! We finally made our facebook anouncement too, which was good for our families because the secret had been eating at them for a while, especially my mom and sister.

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