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July 12, 2016


Influenster sent me a pack of zzzquil to try. Gotta say, it worked pretty well. I didn't wake up too drowsy, but it put me to sleep quickly and I stayed asleep through the night, something I sometimes struggle with. I'm not sure how it compares with price to benadryl or unisom, but at least I know it works just as well, if not better. Got a good 9 hours of sleep, something this mama of 3 little ones needs every once in a while! Now we're up and ready for the day and I feel good and rested!

October 17, 2015

Thanks, Pampers!

So I signed up for Influenster, a website that sends you free stuff and then you review it :) I got a few Pampers diapers to try out for Reidboy. He pees SO much at night that I was desperate to try anything so this came at the right time! They sent us 3 free diapers, and I must say, they are pretty decent! I would've sized up (they sent us size 4) because he just pees so much, but they held a lot longer than the other disposables we've tried (cough:: target::cough)

July 6, 2015


I got my first influenster box in June, which was full of awesome products I'd never heard of. I was disappointed that mine was missing a product so I wasn't able to try it, but the stuff I did get was awesome. Who doesn't love pampering products (the mask and shampoo!) and Red Vines?! I really wish I was able to try the SkinFix butt cream because I've got 2 kids in diapers so we go through a lot of cream!

The Uncle Bens was a new product for me but I love their other stuff and it did not disappoint. What an easy and delicious side dish! Same with the fries, though I was skeptical of their potential to be crispy. I can't wait to get another box sometime down the line and try new stuff!!


I received a free bottle of Attitude shampoo from @influenster to try. I wasn't sure about this, because I have thick, frizzy hair and it's tough to find shampoo that cuts through all that hair, strips away the product, but doesn't leave it dry or frazzled.

But I was pleasantly surprised by this shampoo. It smells decent and doesn't make my hair greasy or dry. Just... normal :) The price was right, the smell was right, and it's a keeper!
@ATTITUDEliving and @Influenster  #ATTITUDEatTarget

June 5, 2015

Motion Sickness

If you know me, you know I get motion sick. Like, really really easily. As in, I rolled with my child down a hill and horked at the bottom. Needless to say, I've tried a lot of meds to help this. From Benadryl to sea sickness patches, from bracelets to essential oils, from all kinds of meds to Zofran, I've tried everything. But these new Dramamine naturals with ginger were, well, effective. I was able to ride rides at the amusement park, ride in the back of a car, and even do a couple of spins. Amazing!!! Adding this product to my must haves!

July 13, 2013


I won coupons for free F'real milkshakes, and I was pretty surprised at how good they tasted. You pick your flavor and then it blends like a blizzard right there for you, in the gas station. You all know how much I love couponing so when I signed up for Smiley360, I knew it was just another way to get free things! This was my most recent, but I've also gotten hair conditioner, face wash, etc. It's awesome!

May 26, 2013

Oh, my!

Let's just skip those 3 months I disappeared, mmmkay? Between the hubs working 60 hours a week and me wrangling 2 small children who can only survive by mauling me daily, we've had a lot on our plates! As if I don't like my life busy enough, a couple months ago, I added a new title to my resume, "Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts." As Joel sees it, I'm a bag lady. Whatever. Ok, I like bags. A lot. But I also like to be organized, which is really what made me fall in love with this stuff. Their home organization line is awesome for keeping all my shelves, closets, beds, and bookcases clean and organized. Laundry too!

Joel has finally been able to take some time off work, and with 2 mobile children, we've needed to get a new game plan. Life is chaotic, and while we love it, it can be stressful. So instead of bogging you down with the past few months of stuff, I'll recap in pictures. Then you'll be all caught up!

February 2, 2013

Product Rave

I know I've mentioned Skinny Taste here before, but once again, she blows my mind. Not only are these recipes absolutely delicious, but they are healthy too! Most of them contain vegetables in a way that you'd never think to use them or imagine that they would work. But each time, I go for it and I've never been disappointed.

My newest attempt was this recipe. It's a meatloaf cupcake with mashed potato frosting. I did not pipe the frosting like she did, I just plopped a spoonful on top and spread it around. But man oh man, these rocked. With lean hamburger, 1 cup of zucchini, and bread crumbs plus spices, it's very simple.

I made some bread crumbs a couple weeks back using some whole grain bread that was on the verge of going bad. That was equally as easy. Cut it into chunks, bake it for 10-12 minutes or until it's hard, let the pieces cool, then throw them in the food processor until they are crumbs. Store them in the fridge in an air tight container. It's so great to have a homemade and natural alternative to packaged breadcrumbs with unnecessary additives. But  back to the meatloaf.

So you mix the loaf ingredients together and put them in cute little tin foil cups, baking for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes. After mashing the potatoes, add some yummies. I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream (they taste very similar!) to sneak a little more protein in the recipe, and added the milk, broth, and butter. Then put on top of the cupcakes and serve.

It was really very easy. The best part? Less than 300 calories for 2 cakes. They're even husband and toddler approved, as both thought they were tasty.

I really should start taking pictures of the process, but hers are always better and I want to make sure the recipe is a success first!

January 23, 2013

GiGi is 85

This past weekend we celebrated my wonderful Grandmother's 85th birthday. We went out for a nice dinner (without kids!), had some cake, ice cream, and wine, and played some card games to celebrate.

Some things I love about my Grandma Lil:

  • She is an old farm girl and is still very frugal.
  • Her freezer is full of yogurt containers, washed and refilled with single servings of leftovers.
  •  She always has cookies.
  • She's always up for a card game.
  • She remembers every birthday and anniversary,and always times it so it gets to you on your exact birthdate.
  • She is an incredibly good cook, but her recipes are difficult to repeat.
  • She'll drive an hour to watch a 20 minute program you are involved in.
  • You can't arrive or leave her place without at least 2 hugs and a kiss on the cheek.
  • She makes quilts for every child and grandchild.
  • She walks 3 miles a day and does these awesome 1980's workout videos.
  • She has my mom's high school senior picture hanging in her stairwell.
  • She drinks Old Milwaukee.
  • There's always room in her house and heart for one more.

January 16, 2013

Baking fun

Tessa loves to help in the kitchen lately. Every time I head toward that room, there is she, grabbing her stool and trying to get right in the middle of the action. She usually drags a dining room chair over so she can stand or kneel on it. This allows her to see and reach everything, which so far, is funny but also frustrating. She's begun taking it upon herself to grab snacks off the counter, open cupboards, drawers, wash dishes, etc. The other morning, Joel and Nora were still asleep so Tessa and I decided to make muffins. She had so much fun pouring in the ingredients and stirring, and the end result was a hit too!